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When thinking of furnishing your yard, you need to take a look into what you’re working with. We can add to your yard, porch, garden, or patio. Wanting to add a gardening bench to sit and enjoy the flower beds? Wanting a new patio dining set to host backyard BBQs on the Fourth of July? We have all of the furniture to make this happen. Rest your cold glass of lemonade on one of your new outdoor end tables while sitting back in a lounge chair enjoying the sunshine. When it comes to low maintenance outdoor furniture options, we have the best on the market. Snow, rain, or shine, our furnishings can take on all of the elements. Have you ever tried to round up your cheap, plastic patio set after a severe thunderstorm? These furniture options are often blown away, and damaged beyond repair. These may have a much smaller price tag, but they need replacements very frequently. Choose the option with longevity and value. Plastic sets are no match in extreme weather conditions compared to what we have to offer. With the classic woodworking pieces we have to offer, this will not be a worry. No more dragging outside furniture in and out of the garage with the season changes. Our outdoor selection is not only limited to furniture. We also have a large supply of kids playsets, these sets can be customized in any way you would like down to color and design, same as our furniture pieces. Your neighbors are sure to notice the distinct upgrade in your yard furnishings. Create an outdoor getaway in your very own yard for both you and the kids. Dutchman’s Furniture takes pride in creating furniture with our hands done the old traditional way. We can show you our high-quality work, stop in and check out our showroom full of outdoor playsets and furniture.

Note: Our furniture is available with options of wood species, stain finish and dimensions.

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