Youth Furniture

Tough, durable hardwood furniture is important to have while raising children or with frequent stays from the grandchildren. Kids can play roughly, leaving furniture susceptible to a little more wear and tear than normal. Don’t worry, our wood types have enough strength to withstand all of the horseplay while our wood finishes create a protective barrier between all of the doodles and finger paints. Another perk is that these surfaces are easy to keep clean and bacteria-free. We have kid-sized wooden bed frames, dressers, and more. We even build toy boxes along with toys to fill the inside. Nothing beats getting a newly designed room including handcrafted wooden toys. Whether you’re preparing for a newborn baby to come home or redecorating a teen’s bedroom to keep it up to date with the trends, we have the products to help. Using our furniture also allows a safe place for playtime. Our furniture is long-lasting compared to the cheaper options. While our pieces remain affordable, you don’t have to worry about the materials falling apart. Chain store-bought furniture doesn’t offer the benefits of being one of a kind or promise to last a lifetime. We ensure that all of our furniture is a safe option for children. Check out some examples in our showroom today!

Note: Our furniture is available with options of wood species, stain finish and dimensions.

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